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What We Miss From LG Phones Today

Last updated on 19 October 2023

LG, a name synonymous with innovation and bold design in the smartphone industry, has left an indelible mark on the world of mobile technology. In April 2021, LG Electronics officially announced its exit from the smartphone market, leaving many fans and tech enthusiasts with a sense of nostalgia. In this trip down memory lane, we’ll explore the unique features and characteristics that we miss from LG phones today, and reflect on their contributions to the mobile industry.

Dual-Screen Innovation

One of LG’s standout features was its innovative approach to dual screens. LG introduced the LG G8X and LG V60 ThinQ, offering users the ability to attach a second screen accessory to their smartphones, effectively transforming them into mini-laptops. This feature was particularly appealing to multitaskers, gamers, and productivity enthusiasts, providing a unique experience that is noticeably absent in the current smartphone landscape.

What We Miss From LG Phones Today - Vector design showcasing a collage of LG phone features that were popular in their time - slide-out keyboards, unique phone designs, and innovative camera placements. The collage is surrounded by digital waves, representing the technological innovations brought by LG.

Hi-Fi Audio and Quad DAC

LG’s dedication to high-quality audio was a distinctive feature that audiophiles cherished. The inclusion of Quad Digital-to-Analog Converters (DAC) in LG phones ensured crystal-clear audio quality and support for high-resolution audio formats. Listening to music on an LG phone was an auditory delight, and this attention to sound quality is something many users miss in today’s smartphones.

Manual Camera Controls

LG’s commitment to photography enthusiasts extended to its camera software. LG phones offered an array of manual camera controls, allowing users to fine-tune settings like ISO, shutter speed, and white balance. This level of control was invaluable for photography enthusiasts who wanted to experiment with their smartphone cameras. While many other smartphones offer impressive camera capabilities, LG’s camera app was a standout for its pro-level features.

Unique Designs

LG was never afraid to push the boundaries of smartphone design. From the LG Wing’s swiveling screen to the LG G Flex series’ curved displays, LG consistently aimed to differentiate its devices. This spirit of innovation and risk-taking in design is something we miss, as it added excitement to the smartphone market.

Buttons at the Back

One of LG’s signature features was the placement of physical buttons on the back of their smartphones. This unique design allowed for easy access to volume controls and the power button without having to fumble with the sides of the device. It was a feature that many users found incredibly ergonomic and efficient, and its absence in today’s smartphones is noticeable.

Iconic Ringtones and Dedicated Google Assistant Button

LG phones were not only known for their hardware innovations but also for their unique software features. LG’s iconic ringtones, including the memorable “Life’s Good” jingle, added a distinctive charm to the user experience. Additionally, LG was among the first to introduce a dedicated Google Assistant button on its devices, making it easy for users to access the virtual assistant with a single press. These features showcased LG’s commitment to enhancing user convenience and creating a user-friendly ecosystem.


LG’s departure from the smartphone market left a void in the industry, and there are indeed several aspects of LG phones that users and tech enthusiasts miss today. Whether it’s their innovative dual-screen technology, commitment to high-quality audio, unique designs, ergonomic buttons at the back, iconic ringtones, or the dedicated Google Assistant button, LG brought a distinct flavor to the smartphone experience.

While LG may no longer produce smartphones, its legacy lives on in the form of lessons learned by other manufacturers. The innovative spirit and unique features that LG introduced have influenced the industry and continue to shape the direction of mobile technology. As we reflect on what we miss from LG phones today, we can also look forward to the innovations that will emerge from other companies inspired by LG’s pioneering spirit.

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  1. PeachyPotato PeachyPotato

    With out LG, there’s no innovation anymore, and the lesson companies took from LG is not to experiment too much otherwise they’ll gonna end in the same way. I’m a big fan of LG smartphones. Can you believe that LG wing and velvet still get security updates? And they got android 13 recently, also 60 ringtones! Ofcourse stock android has almost 100 of them but I never liked any of them, but all of the LG tones are well made and aren’t just short loops. Sadly, even in South Korea no one wanted LG phones. Young people are going for iPhones and others prefer Samsung.

    • Lonnie Lonnie

      Agree love my LG-V60

  2. JohnInNJ JohnInNJ

    From the LG G3, V10, V20, V30, then lastly the V60. All of the phones had the best balanced camera lenses and scope, white balance and depth that was missing from even the Samsungs of their time for around $200 – 500 less! I have a lot of love for my V60 and if it wasn’t for the 2nd screen causing a bad USB-C port, I’d still use it as my daily. Now I have a Samsung S22+, which was over priced by $400 for what it is, with no expandable storage and a just ‘okay’ camera. With even the V60 ThinQ with a second screen costing me only $700, with 256GB storage and expandable up to 2TB, I could photograph a whole car show and have enough battery life left to make it home on an hour and a half long train ride from Manhattan NY to Trenton NJ. You can’t beat that.

  3. Jay C Jay C

    Everything mentioned here except perhaps the assistant button (that could be programmed for anything you wanted in reality.) is what I sorely miss. The back buttons were the BEST. Double tap to wake/sleep? (An LG invention.) HiFi DAC? Manual camera controls? Hell yeah! I went from a Samsung Note 4 to S3 to LG G4 and never looked back. I still have my leather wrapped G4 sitting in a drawer. It works fine! I switched back and forth between G and V devices ending with the G8 to V60. My son still has the G8 running strong.

    I would still have my V60 if I didn’t drop and destroy it accidentally. (First time ever in 15 years… figures.) My wife still has hers. I got a Samsung (Note) S23. Ultra praying it would be an okay substitute. It is, BUT I would much prefer an LG device. I did do a short run with an iPhone 13. 4 months and I was so frustrated with how locked down simple features are like resizing the keyboard or adding a simple audio equalizer were. Let me save you the trouble – you can’t add or resize either along with a plethora of other useful things; because Supreme Leader Apple says “no”. Period, stop asking or you will pay.

    I actually wanted a Sony and possibly a One+ 11 but T-Mobile gives you Apple or Samsung and a bunch of “value” phones. It sucks. They did bring in the One+ 10…and still have only it at $899 even though the 12 is about to come out. Yeah, okay, thanks I guess.

    LG you are missed. With Apple and Samsung stuck in a circle of trying to be like each other there ain’t much out there.

  4. Sagar Baloch Sagar Baloch

    I have LG G8X but still purchased LG V60 for spare.the QUAD DAC feature is outstanding in pubg.from LG G3 TO V60.i used some 9 Smartphones of LG except wing.Most satisfying thing is,all of them got 3.5mm handfree jack<3.i am still planning to buy Another LG V60(Used).i will miss you forever LG.wish you return on market on a Surprise and wish your sell surges 10x.surprising all other Smartphone makers.Love you LG.

  5. SHAYAN Khan SHAYAN Khan

    I’m using LG v30 believe me It still looks pretty awesome either it’s 2017 model but still faster than the others in this price range!

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