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What I like About Huawei FreeBuds 5i

In this post, I will be sharing my experience with HUAWEI FreeBuds 5i wireless earbuds that I have been using for about 20 days and have come to really appreciate.

In the past, I’ve had the chance to try out several types of Bluetooth headsets – some with a neckband or a connecting wire between earpieces, some were single earpieces, and others resembled the FreeBuds, albeit slightly heavier. However, none of them delivered the performance I was seeking. So, what does the FreeBuds 5i offer to make me enjoy the experience?

Comfort and Secure Fit

I generaly prefer the in-ear design and appreciate earphones that fit securely, reducing the need for constant readjustment during crucial tasks. The in-ear design is more appealing to me as it allows me to remain aware of my surroundings, which is important when I’m working. Unlike over-ear headphones that cover my entire head, in-ear options provide flexibility—I can use just one earpiece if i have to stay aware of my environment or conserve battery when needed. The HUAWEI FreeBuds 5i offer the comfort and fit I am searching for, aligning perfectly with my preference for in-ear designs.

Some Bluetooth airphones can cause a slight ringing in the ears during use, but I haven’t encountered this issue with this one.

Low Latency

As I use my phone with a screen reader, it’s essential that the earphones do not cause any latency in delivering the sound and speech feedback. This instant feedback when typing is crucial, as any delay, no matter how slight, slows me down. These earphones pass the test with flying colors – no noticeable delay even when using Braille and other keyboards.

Noise Cancellation

The noise cancellation during calls is remarkable. It ensures that my voice remains clear and prominent even in noisy environments. This clarity persists across various communication platforms such as Telegram, WhatsApp, phone calls, and conference apps like Zoom and Google Meet.

Additionally, the earbuds effectively block unwanted noise while listening to media, delivering very good results.

Strong Connectivity

The earbuds maintain a consistently good and stable connection with my phone. Even when my phone is placed in the farthest corner of the room, I can engage in clear conversations and enjoy uninterrupted media playback.

Battery Life

The FreeBuds 5i offer a reliable battery life. With the case, they can last for approximately 28 hours of use before requiring a recharge. This duration surpasses that of any other Bluetooth headset I’ve tested thus far.

Touch Controls and App Integration

The touch controls are customizable, allowing me to manage media playback, answer or end calls using different tap combinations. adjusting the volume is accomplished by sliding the finger up and down on the back of the earbud.

Through the AI Life app on my phone, I have direct control over noise cancellation sensitivity and sound quality settings. Regular updates enhance the functionality, providing access to new features and improvements.

For HUAWEI users, the app is available on AppGallery. Others can download the App from Huawei’s official website.

The AI Life app enables users to check the battery levels of the case and individual earbuds, manage updates, and even locate misplaced earbuds by emitting a sound signal.

In-Ear Detection

The earbuds come with in-ear detection functionality. It’s important to note that incorrectly placing the earbuds may result in no sound. If your computer suddenly becomes silent or the sound shifts to the phone’s speaker during a call, always check the placement of the earbuds first. Accidental touches, such as from hair or a scarf, won’t affect playback—intentional double taps are necessary for input.

Device Compatibility

The earbuds should work efficiently with both Android phones and computers. According to Semih Güven, a reputable accessible Android device reviewer, they also work with no issues on iPhones, although I haven’t personally tested this.

Design and Packaging

The case is an elegant, slightly oval shape, and the way the earbuds are placed inside gives the impression that they are secured and protective.
Upon handling the case, I noticed it features a lid that opens towards the left, a unique aspect of its design. When opened, the earpieces are conveniently placed on the right side.
Closing the lid reveals a subtle, small, round button positioned at the center of the top surface. It requires a deliberate touch. While pressing it was unnecessary for pairing with the phone, I found it essential when attempting to connect to a computer. Holding this button down for a few seconds successfully initiated the pairing process. On the right side of the case, in the middle, there’s a USB charging port.

What’s inside the Box?

The HUAWEI FreeBuds 5İ come packaged in a square, cardboard box. At the bottom of the box, you’ll find the user manual and warranty documents.
In the center of the packaging lies the case, secured in a plastic holder with an elliptical center, containing the earbuds.
Along the right and left edges of the square box, there are two separate compartments. One houses the USB-C cable used for charging the case, and the other contains ear tips of various sizes, ensuring a comfortable and customized fit for the user.
I must say, I am quite impressed with the packaging design.

Anything I Dislike?

I haven’t discovered any features I dislike. Despite the seemingly high price, approximately $70 on various online shopping platforms, it’s crucial to weigh this against the value received. These earbuds check off many essential boxes, offering a worthwhile investment when compared to other disappointing earphones at similar or lower prices.

Technical specifications

Technical Specifications
Headphone Type In-Ear
Intended Use Music, Sports
Usage Area Computer, Phone
Compatibility Android, iOS, Windows
Sensors Hall Sensor, Proximity Sensor
Features Equalizer Mode, Find My Earbuds, Ambient Sound Mode, Automatic Play and Pause
Sound Features
Sound Output Stereo
Noise Cancellation (Listening) Active Noise Cancellation
High-Resolution Audio (Hi-Res) Yes
Frequency (Low) 20 Hz
Frequency (High) 40 kHz
Driver Diameter 10 mm
Driver Features Dynamic Drivers
Connectivity Features
Connection Type True Wireless
Bluetooth Yes
Bluetooth Standard 5.2
Bluetooth Features AAC, LDAC, SBC
Multi-Connection Yes Requires smartphones running EMUI10 or above
Usage Time (General) 7.5 hours
Usage Time (Intensive) 6 hours
Usage Time (+Charging Case) 28 hours
Charging Type Charging Case
Charging Time 60 minutes
Fast Charging Yes
Fast Charging Time 15 minutes
Fast Charging Usage Time 4 hours
Battery (Earbuds) 55 mAh
Battery (Charging Case) 410 mAh
Physical Features
Acoustic Structure Closed
Dust Resistance Yes
IP Protection Class (Dust) IP5X
Water Resistance Yes
IP Protection Class (Water) IPX4
Water Resistance Type Splash Resistant
Microphone Yes
Microphone Feature Call Noise Cancellation (ENC), Dual Microphones
Color Options White, Blue, Black
Earbud Weight 4.9 g
Weight (Charging Case) 33.9 g
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