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Why you should pick Android over iOS

Last updated on 15 April 2023

Android or iOS? This is a question that keeps many of us on our toes and some of us awake at night. This post explains why you should pick Android over iOS
Let’s delve into the folds of technology!

Both systems have different sides. Android offers more alternatives to its users, while iOS draws sharper lines.
We always hear the word freedom when talking about Android. What is this freedom? Because the other person has an opinion without knowledge, he or she tries to make explanations without enough resources saying well… blah blah blah.
In fact, we can explain Android freedom as follows:

It is open source

It is open source, In other words, the system is open to development. For example, you bought a house from a builder, but the builder made the windows and doors in such a way that they can be easily installed and removed. You can do whatever you like. Remember that you need knowledge and experience to do this. Poor-quality doors and windows are an invitation to thieves.

Freedom of customization

There are many alternatives. This means that you can easily get an app that is different from the one on the system; you can even choose a different launcher. Custom ROMs have been developed for this purpose. You can turn your phone into a completely different one. This is for the enthusiast, of course.

More than one screen reader

This is where it gets our attention: you can use more than one screen reader; you can try TTS after TTS engine.

Let’s look at some of the other essentials: Now, friends reading the above might say, What the hell do I care about these things? I turn on my phone, I enjoy myself, and the rest is none of my business. Then using iOS is a very smart choice. Of course, we should not forget that the mind should be supported with money.

Freedom of choice

There are too many brands and models to choose from. There is a range of products from $100 to $1000. The only thing to consider is whether the product we buy upsets us in terms of accessibility.

Freedom of file sharing

File sharing is very easy. Files can be sent and received from anywhere, under any conditions, in any way. Even the phone’s system files are very easy to access. You only need a basic knowledge of programming.

Freedom of installing apps

Apps can be sideloaded. If the new version of the app you are using frustrates you with an interface change, you can immediately get the old version. This is a useful accessibility feature.

Easy for developers

You can use an app that you have coded yourself. Very simple websites are designed for simple app development. Doesn’t it look like a lot of fun?

Yes, all these things can have disadvantages as well as advantages.
If you say, “I will use the phone; what the system gives me is enough; I don’t feel an additional need,” iOS will satisfy you. If you say, ” I am curious; I would like to tinker with my phone, but I am not very economically powerful anyway.” Try Android.

iOS offers much more software update support, but with each update, the devices slow down. Although the devices slow down, the screen reader does not slow down or become unstable. This has been the case until recently, but Samsung has taken a big step to change this on the Android side.

In particular, with Android 13, the tech giant, which will be switching to EU standards in terms of software updates, will be distributing much more frequent and much more customized updates much faster.

Following Samsung’s pledge to offer around 4 major updates and 5 years of security update support even for mid-range phones, other manufacturers have also taken action. The update support story, which is the most boring part of Android, may be over.

Unfortunately! On the Android side, some companies used to sell the device they made and then forget about it and leave it to its fate, but now the market has become very competitive. As a result, companies have started to do better.

For all these reasons, don’t be a willing soldier for any company! Be self-interested. It would not be wise to have a heart connection with any company or system!
As long as you have money, these companies are your friends. If one day one of these systems starts giving us free products, then I will decide to become their defender.

If you ask me, I don’t advocate any system! Whatever works for me and whatever makes me happy, I will use it.
Because of how much I get out of it, how much can I help others? That is the part I am interested in. The rest is up to your free will.
Thanks for reading. Wishing you the best. Take care!

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