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How to subscribe to Jieshuo screen reader’s pro version

Jieshuo Screen Reader is a free-to-use application, but to access its full features and customization options, you should consider subscribing to the pro version. In this post, I’ll guide you through the process of subscribing to the pro version.

Creating an account:

  1. Open Jieshuo settings and tap on “User center.”
  2. Log in if you already have an account, or select “Register” to create a new one.
  3. upon registration,Fill in your desired username and password. The “invitation code” field can be left empty, or you can enter the username of someone you know. (Note: By entering someone’s username as the invitation code during registration and when a certain number of people purchase the program using this username as an invitation code, the owner of that username should become eligible to receive the pro features for free for a specific period of time.)

After successful registration and login, you will see your username and ID. You can long-press either of them to copy the information.

Purchasing a subscription:

  • Go to Jieshuo settings, then select “Help and feedback,” and finally choose “Donate using PayPal.” Alternatively, you can access “Buy using PayPal” in Jieshuo settings > User center.
  • You will be redirected to the PayPal page to make the payment. Further instructions regarding the payment will be presented there.
  • The payment process is a standard PayPal money sending procedure, which is not covered in this post.
  • During the payment, it’s crucial to include in the note the number of years you are paying for and your username and ID, which can be copied from the user center.
  • The current prices for subscriptions are as follows:

    • $18 for 1 year
    • $32 for 2 years
    • $45 for 3 years

    After sending the payment, your license should be activated within a few hours without any additional steps required from your side. There won’t be a notification about the activation, but you can check the “valid until” date in the user center to confirm if your pro subscription is active.
    In case your license activation takes longer than expected (e.g., 24 hours), consider emailing the developer using the email provided in Jieshuo settings to inquire about the activation status.

    Reactivating the license:

    The license is tied to your user ID. If the user ID changes, the license will become inactive. Reinstalling Jieshuo generally does not modify the user ID, but resetting or changing your phone may cause the ID to change. If this happens, you need to contact the developer via email and inform him about the ID change to transfer the license to your new ID. Make sure to be clear in your email and include both your username and ID.

    Keep in mind that each license works on only one device at a time.

    Closing Remarks

    While Jieshuo’s purchasing and activation process certainly needs improvement and lacks automation, it is not an excuse to resort to using cracked versions. Some people may try to sell cracked versions promising easier activations and cheaper prices, but acquiring the pro features in this illegal way is unethical. Avoid falling victim to pirated versions, as they may contain malware and are unsupported by the developer. It is important to stay with the free version or use the official and legal channels to acquire the pro features of Jieshuo.

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    Since her introduction to Android in late 2012, Kareen Kiwan has been a fan of the operating system, devoting some of her time to clear misconceptions about Android among blind people. She wrote articles about its accessibility and features on the Arabic website, of which she was a member of its team. Kareen's experience was gained through her following of the Android-related communities and fueled by her love for technology and her desire to test new innovations. She enjoys writing Android-related articles and believes in the role of proper communication with both the blind screen reader Android users and app developers in building a more accessible and inclusive Android. Kareen is a member of the Blind Android Users podcast team and Accessible Android editorial staff.

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    1. Brian Hovmand Olesen Brian Hovmand Olesen

      Hi Kareen,
      Thank you very much for posting these valuable pieces of information!
      You could improve this great article by menchening some of the features one get with the pro version. I think there are many advantages with Jieshuo for example the improved speed so it’s definitely worth paying for.

      • Kareen Kiwan Kareen Kiwan

        Thank you Brian for your kind words and for the suggestion. This should be the subject of a future post.

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